Werk Nr. 102 (Aviolanda) / 0029 (RLM)
Type T-2
Events 1941 delivered to the Seenotstaffel 6 as CH+EU.
January 28th 1942 stationed at Syracuse.
June 21st 1942 damaged by anti-aircraft fire from Malta during a flight from Syracuse to Marsala on Sicily.
July 25th 1942 transferred from Syracuse to Athens entering service with Seenotstaffel 7.
July 25-30 1942 detached to Suda.
August 10th 1942 made testflights in Athens.
August 11th 1942 detached to Suda.
August 13th 1942 damaged during an aerial battle with a Spitfire when flying from Syracuse to Marsala.
January 14th 1943 shot down 100 km south-southeast of the island Pantelleria in quadrant 2618/13E.
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