Werk Nr. 1108
Type T-3
Events Delivered or transferred to Seenotstaffel 7, Information coming from Die 7 Seenotstaffel.
June 29th 1944 took off at 03:20 hours from Athens-Phaleron for a transportflight to Leros. Crew were pilot Gosepath, observer Feldwebel Nagel, radio-operator Unteroffizier Schleicher, mechanics Klassert and Becker and gunner Unteroffizier Kuna. On board were also 12 soldiers returning to duty after a period of leave in Germany, taking with them some technical equipment. The landing at Leros was at 04:40 hours.
June 30th 1944 made the returnflight from Leros to Athens-Phaleron with the same crew, this time bringing along 11 soldiers, 800 kg mail and 400 kg technical equipment.
October 10th 1944 crashed after take-off in the Milos Bight due to an unknown cause. The crew, pilot Oberfeldwebel Fritz Stier, observer Oberleutnant Oskar Strübing, radio-operator Unteroffizier Hans Helle, mechanics Feldwebel Walter Lüders and Feldwebel Leopold Krall and gunner Gefreiter Lennatz all die in the crash.
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