Werk Nr. 115 (Aviolanda)
Type T-2
Events 1942 delivered to Seenotstaffel 3 as CM+IH.
April 1st 1942 transferred to Seenotstaffel 10.
February 22nd 1943 (as 5W+BU of Seenotstaffel 50) made a rough landing at Horten (Oslofjord) causing the fuselage to break just aft of the middle gun turret.
May 9th 1945 interned at Trelleborg in Sweden with the 4 crewmembers and 37 refugees on board.
1945 in put in storage pending transportation to the Soviet Union. Information kindly supplied by Mikael Olrog, this aircraft never entered service with the Swedish Air Force.
August 14th 1945 handed over to the Soviet Union.
1947 was photographed at Igarka in the Soviet Union when it was in use as transport with Polarnaya Aviatsiya.
Ultimate fate not known.

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