Werk Nr. 128 (Aviolanda) / 0056 (RLM)
Type T-2
Events June 11th 1942 delivered to the Seenotdienst as CM+IV.
June 1942 in service with 3/KuFlGr 106 at Schellingwoude in The Netherlands.
July 26th 1942 transferred to Seenotstaffel 8 from Germany via Belgrade to Mamaia-Siutghiol, landing there at 13:30. The aircraft arrives together with the CM+IZ.
August 23rd 1943 while trying to rescue two English pilots sank due to sustained damage. Crew and English pilots rescued by two other Do-24's and one FlB boat.

223 Kb,  Bundesarchiv Koblenz, click to enlarge