Werk Nr. 143 (Aviolanda) / 0071 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events Aircraft build by Aviolanda and assembled by Fokker.
December 12th 1942 entered service with the Seenotdienst as VH+SK.
January 13th 1943 stationed at La Spezia.
January 29th 1943 made a transport flight from Athens to Suda, pilot was Oberleutnant Tretter. Special passenger was the Fuhrer des Seenotbereichskommando XI, Oberstleutnant Securius. Take-off from Athens at 08:50, arriving at Suda at 10:09.
January 30th 1943 made the returnflight from Suda to Athens, with same crew and guest as above. Take-off at 10:40 and landing at 12:05.
September 15th 1943 in service with Seenotstaffel 9. That day made eight trainingflights with among the crew pilot Oberfeldwebel von Petersdorf and mechanic Obergefreiter Willy Busche. The 1st flight started from Selent at 09:59, landing back there at 10:06. The 2nd flight was also local at Selent with take-off at 10:06 and landing ast 10:13. The 3rd flight was from Selent to Kiel with take-off at 10:22 and landing at 10:30. The 4th flight was from Kiel to Selent with take-off at 10:45 and landing at 11:15. The 5th flight was a local at Selent with take-off at 11:15 and landing at 11:20. The 6th flight was also a local flight at Selent with take-off at 11:21 and landing at 11:27. The 7th flight was from Selent to Kiel woth take-off at 11:40 and landing at 11:50. The 8th flight was from Kiel to Selent with take-off at 11:54 and landing at 12:06. Pilot on this last flight was Oberfeldwebel Erdmann.
October 16th 1943 made a rescue mission 10 km west of Amorgos, taking on survivors of the downed ship SS Kari. During take-off the aircraft crashes due to an engine failure, damage is 100%. The survivors of the SS Kari and the crew of the Do-24, among them the wounded observer Oberfeldwebel Karl Osterritter and Unteroffizier Hoefer, are picked up by submarinehunter 2110 (this report comes from Seenotstaffel 7, the Do-24 book mentions a different date and place for the crash, see below)
October 18th 1943 caught fire during take-off from Athens-Phaleron.
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