Werk Nr. 166 (Aviolanda) / 0094 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events April 9th 1943 entered service with Seenotstaffel 9 in northern Norway as DJ+ZT.
June 5th 1943 lost during the search for a missing Messerschmitt Me-109 of I/JG 5 in quadrant 2049/37E in the Gulf of Mokotovo. The aircraft was overthrown by a wave. Oberfeldwebel A. Hillers, Leutnant H. Dix, Oberfeldwebel F. Schroder and Oberfeldwebel O. Kellner were killed. Unteroffizier G. Richert and Unteroffizier H. Wassermann were imprisoned by the Russians. (thanks to Iosif Clorman for the info)
no pictures available