Werk Nr. 2103 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events June 9th 1944 whilst registered as J9+AA transferred from Seenotstaffel 8 to Seenotstaffel 7, information coming from Die 7 Seenotstaffel.
July 1st took off at 03:20 hours from Athens with 14 soldiers, mail and equipment on board for Leros, landing there at 04:30 hours in the Portolargo Bight. The soldiers had already left the aircarft, which was anchored on a Buoy, when an English aircraft appeared and shot the Do-24 in flames, causing her to sink. The crew were able to reach the coast, although Feldwebel Gosepath, observer Feldwebel Wolfgang Förster and gunner Feldwebel Heinz Wüstefeld were injured. The next day they were picked up by the crew of Oberfeldwebel Sommer in the J9+CA and flown back to Athens. Feldwebel Gosepath was taken to a hospital and later transported by train to Germany where he fully recovered. He never returned back to the Seenotdienst.
The above information comes from Die 7 Seenotstaffel, which also reports the following (must be another Do-24 with the same registration, although the Germans did salvage their aircraft and maybe were able to repair it):
September 4th 1944 took of from Athens at 17:40 hours for a supplyflight to the Suda Bight, arriving at 18:55 hours. Crew were Völske, Steinbock, Kolberg, Reiser, Lohmann, Wendt and 2 passengers, also taken along was 110 kg equipment.
September 5th 1944 the aircraft returned to Athens with 21 soldiers and 250 kg mail.
October 3rd 1944 the crew of Oberfeldwebel Sommer had to stop a rescue mission after 20 minutes due to engine failure and landed in Skaramanga.
October 5th 1944 they flew from Skaramanga to Athens.
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