Werk Nr. 2111 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events Delivered to the Seenotstaffel 9 at Kiel-Holtenau as KK+LB.
November 25th 1943 made a trainingflight in the use of a dinghy from Kiel-Holtenau to Ternat with take off at 14:58 and landing at 15:10. The pilot was Lt. Klauber and mechanic Uffz. Gottfried Ullbricht. Three minutes later the aircraft took off again and returned to Ternat at 15:26.
At 15:35 the returntrip to Kiel-Holtenau was started with landing at the destination at 15:43.
December 3rd 1943 made testflights at the Selentersee.
1944 transferred to Seenotstaffel 7 and re-registrered as J9+CA.
July 28th 1944 while being loaded in the harbor of Rhodos came into contact with a rock, turned over and burned out. Of the crew pilot Feldwebel Heinrich Weber, observer Unteroffizier Karl Michalek and mechanic Oberfeldwebel Georg Ritter were wounded.
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