Werk Nr. 3232 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events July 1943 entered service with Seenotstaffel 9 at Kiel-Holtenau as KO+JB.
June 15th 1943 flown from Holtenau to Aalborg.
June 16th 1943 flown from Aalborg to Holtenau.
September 6th 1943 made three trainingflight with among the crew pilot Oberfeldwebel Schiefer and mechanic Willi Busche. First take-off at 10:45 from Kiel, landing at 11:00 at Selent. The second flight started at 14:30 from Selent, landing back there again at 15:00. The third flight started at 15:05, landing back in Selent at 15:50.
September 17th 1943 four training flights with among the crew pilot Feldwebel Weiland and mechanic Obergefreiter Willy Busche. All flights were local at Selent. The first take-off was at 09:40 with landing at 10:50. The 2nd take-off was at 16:14 with landing at 16:20. The 3rd take-off was at 16:20 with landing at 16:28 and the 4th take-off was at 16:28 with landing at 16:35.
April 9th 1944 rescued four American pilots when on a flight from Warnemünde to Bug.
April 1945 stationed at E-Stelle Travemünde.
April 25th 1945 in service with SeenotGruppe 81 at Aalborg.
May 1945 destroyed.
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