Werk Nr. 3238 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events 1943 delivered to the Seenotstaffel 9 at Kiel-Holtenau as KO+JH.
September 9th 1943 made no less than eleven trainingflights with among the crew Staffelkapitän Hauptmann Karl Born and mechanic Willi Busche. The 1st flight was from Selent to Selent with take-off at 07:50 and landing at 08:00. The 2nd flight was from Kiel to Selent with take-off at 13:30 and landing at 13:45. The 3rd flight was from Selent to Kiel with take-off at 14:45 and landing at 15:00. The 4th flight was from Kiel to Selent with take-off at 15:10 and landing at 15:55. The 5th upto 11th flights were local flights at Selent. Take-off of the 5th was at 16:00 and landing at 16:05. The 6th flight was started at 16:10 with landing at 16:55. The 7th flight started at 16:55 with landing at 17:05. The 8th flight started at 17:05 with landing at 17:09. The 9th flight started at 17:10 with landing at 17:20. The 10th flight started at 17:30 with landing at 17:45. The 11th and last flight that day started at 18:55 with landing at 19:15.
October 19th 1943 made a navigational training flight.
November 27th made a trainingflight in the use of a dinghy from Kiel-Holtenau to Ternat and back with take off at 14:25, landing at Ternat at 14:48, taking off again at 15:35 landing back at base at 15:45. Pilot was Lt. Klauber and mechanic Uffz. Gottfried Ullbricht.
December 8th 1944 made 13 trainingflights to and from Selent, all with mechanic Uffz. Gottfried Ullbricht among the crew. The first flight was with pilot Hptm. Rape (?, unreadable), taking off at 18:07 and landing at 18:12. The second, third and fourth flight were with pilot Oblt. Preussmann (?, unreadable) with take off at 18:14, landing at 18:17, take off at 18:20, landing at 18:27 and take off at 18:28 and landing at 18:34. The fifth flight was with pilot Uffz. Glück with take off at 18:40 and landing at 18:46. The sixth flight was with Uffz. Heinrich Reif with take off at 18:47 and landing at 18:54. The seventh upto the tenth flight were with pilot Lt. Beaubei (?, unreadable) with take off at 18:58, landing at 19:00, take off at 19:07, landing at 19:14, take off at 19:15, landing at 19:20 and taking off at 19:20 with his last landing that day at 19:25. For the remaining three flights Uffz. Heinrich Reif took the controls again with take off at 19:26, landing at 19:31, take off at 19:31, landing at 19:37, the last take off was at 19:35 and the last landing at 19:44.
December 9th 1943 made a transferflight from Selent to Kiel-Holtenau, taking off at 12:37 and landing at 12:47. Among the crew were pilot Lt. Klauber and mechanic Uffz. Gottfried Ullbricht.
Feberuary 23rd 1944 made a flight from Kiel-Holtenau to Selent and back with pilot Kleinert and mechanic Günther Kliesch. Take off at 07:35, landing at 07:45 after 40 km. Return take off at 07:48 and landing at 07:58 after 40 km.
February 24th 1944 made a flight from Kiel-Holtenau at Selent with the same crew as above, take off at 07:15 and landing at 07:25 after 40 km flying.
April 1st 1944 made a dinghy drop from List auf Sylt with take off at 15:05 and landing at 15:32 covering 108 km. Among the crew were pilot Renner and mechanic Günther Kliesch.
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