Werk Nr. 3331 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events Delivered to the Seenotdienst.
Delivered directly or transferred to Seenotstaffel 7 and either had it's stamzeichen changed to or already received the registration 1M+RR.
September 26th 1944 whilst on a flight from Athens-Phaleron to the Suda Bight on Crete probably shot down over the sea by a British nightfighter. The crew, pilot Feldwebel Hans Escher, observer Oberleutnant and Staffelkapitan Hans Glinkemann, radio-operator Unteroffizier Alfred Vahlenkamp, mechanics Feldwebel Wilhelm Offermann and Obergefreiter Ernst Kitzerow and gunner Unteroffizier Egon Liesch are still missing.
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