Werk Nr. 3343 (RLM)
Type T-3

Aircraft built by Aviolanda, but assembled by Fokker and delivered to Seenotstaffel 9 at Riga as CM+RY.
October 31st 1944 in service with SeenotGruppe 81 and flown from Nest to Hällevik in Sweden. A full review of this flight can be found on the stories page.
January 1945 entered service with the Flygvapnet (Swedish Air Force) as F2-90 under the designator Tp-24 after the Swedish Air Force bought the aircraft for 250.000 Kronen. She was to maintain her old task of search and rescue.
August 24th 1951 put out of service due to lack of parts.The hull was leaking and they had used parts from the SAAB B17, the Heinkel He-115 and the fighter J22 to keep it flying! The Air Force contacted surplus shops in Germany, Norway and Denmark but didn't find any spare parts so they scrapped it. What I don't understand is why they didn't turn to Spain or france that still had the aircraft in service!
1952 scrapped.

Most of the information above and the following statistics were kindly supplied by Mikael Olrog who found them in the Swedish War Archives:

Fiscal year Flight time Cost in Swedish Kronor SEK/Hour
1944/45 14 hours 7294 520
1945/46 135 hours 20159 150
1946/47 119 hours 14494 122
1947/48 81 hours 14604 181
1948/49 82 hours 36855 450
1949/50 57 hours 63285 1110
1950/51 69 hours 27436 * -
* The costs for the fourth quarter is not included

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