Werk Nr. 67 (Aviolanda)
Type K-1
Events January 26th 1939 wing delivered by De Schelde to Aviolanda.
June 15th 1939 launched into the water for the first time.
July 9th 1939 put into service as X-30.
July 29th 1939 shipped to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Garoet.
October 27th 1941 stationed at Ternate for missions in the east part of the Archipelos.
December 10th 1941 transferred from Ternate to Tondano.
December 19th 1941 damaged during a battle with a Japanese Kawanishi flying boat, but managed to return to Ternate, where an emergency landing was performed. The middle engine was put out of action and the electrical circuit was defective. That same day the aircraft was flown to Ambon for repairs.
December 12th 1941 together with GVT 2 ordered to bomb the shipping and naval installations of Davao.
December 17th 1941 was in an aerial battle near Ternate and got lightly damaged.
December 23rd 1941 took of at 02:30 hours from Talisei and formed a formation to perform the mission that was ordered on the 12th. At 06:00 the attack was done and the aircraft were fired upon from the ground. At the end of the bombrun the planes had to made an evasive manouvre to avoid colliding with planes of the GVT 2. The attack was a success, the only loss was the X-27, that sank. The crew of the X-27 was taken on board by the X-30 and the plane returned to base after delivering the crew of the X-27 to a doctor at Tahoena.
December 26th 1941 took of at 06:00 hours from Tondano for a reconnaissance flight to the Bay of Davao to asses the damage done by the raid three days before. Because of this the X-30 was saved from a Japanese attack on Tondano. When the aircraft returned they took on the survivors and flew on to Morokremgangan.
Januari 24th 1942 damaged during a landing on Menarie.
February 3rd 1942 destroyed during a Japanese attack on Morokremgangan.
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