Werk Nr. 69 (Aviolanda)
Type K-1
Events April 22nd 1939 the wing was delivered by De Schelde to Aviolanda.
August 29th 1939 entered service as X-31, but before being shipped the tailplane was strengthened due to complaints coming from Morokrembangan.
September 22nd 1939 shipped to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Buitenzorg.
December 8th 1941 stationed at Morokrembangan.
December 28th 1941 transferred to Tajan to releave GVT 1.
January 29th 1942 releaved by GVT 8 and transferred to Morokrembangan.
January 30th 1942 arrived at Soerabaja.
February 3rd 1942 destroyed during a Japanese air attack on Morokrembangan.
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