Werk Nr. 770 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events July 14th 1938 flown from Germany to The Netherlands as D-AYWI, entering service as X-10.
July 29th 1938 shipped to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Kota Nopan.
November/December 1938 detached to the east part of the archipelos for guard duties.
Autumn 1940 entered service with GVT 2 in the east part of the archipelos.
December 1941 entered service with GVT 7 at Tarakan.
December 1941 discovered a Japanese spyship. made the flyby so low that the wing was damaged by the masts on the Japanese ship.
December 1941 transferred to Morokembagan for repairs to the wing.
February 19th 1942 transferred to Australia to train new personel, the orange triangles were replaced by Dutch flags.
March 1942 flown to RAAF seaplane base Rathmines in New South Wales, together with X-5, X-7, X-8, X-9, X-24, five Dutch Catalina's and 28 Dutch Ryan STM trainers.
April 14th 1942 flew a crew to Sydney to repair the X-5 and X-8.
April 29th 1942 handed over to the RAAF as A49-5 and entered service with No.41 Squadron as transport.
March 11th 1944 caught fire at Port Darwin due to a short-circuit and was destroyed.
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