Werk Nr. 781 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events March 3rd 1939 flown from Friedrichsgafen to Papendrecht and put into service as X-21. This was the first to be equipped with a Askania Vollsteuerung (automatic pilot).
March 1939 shipped to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Kertosono.
May 1st to 5th 1939 made a persentationflight around the Indonesian Archipelos, equal to the distance from Amsterdam to Batavia. The plane started May 1st at 00:47 hours and followed the following route: Morokembangan - Padang - Sabang - Pontianak - Borneo - Tarakan - Ternate - Hollandia - Merauke - Ambon - Morokembangan.
September 1940 in service with GVT 4.
December 2nd 1941 stationed at Sambas.
December 6th 1941 during a reconnaissance flight over the South Chinese Sea discovered a camouflaged Japanese minelaying ship.
January 2nd 1942 releaved GVT 7 at Tarakan.
January 11th 1942 transferred from Tarakan to Balikpapan because Tarakan was bombed.
January 20th 1942 transferred from Balikpapan to Makassar together with GVT 7.
January 24th 1942 flown from Balikpapan to Morokembangan where GVT 4 was disbanded.
January 27th 1942 entered service with GVT 6.
February 25th 1942 went missing when laying mines. Later it was found out that the plane was shot down in the Straight of Lombok, killing the crew.
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