Werk Nr. 79 (Aviolanda) / 0006 (RLM)
Type N-1
Events September 1940 delivered as KD+GF for Seenotstaffel 4.
September 26th 1940 flown to E-Stelle Travemünde.
February 21st 1941 crashed on the Merwede river during her first test flight at Aviolanda killing five people. One German survived the crash.
The aircraft must have been repaired or the above or below information is wrong as Die 7 Seenotstaffel reports the following:
September 7th 1944, whilst registrered as Q8+AB, took off from Athens with crewmembers pilot Hauptmann Marijan Gorecan and mechanic Feldwebel Karl Mahl. The aircraft never returned and because there was no flightorder and the aircraft did not return they were reported as missing. The next day an enemy radiocall was intercepted that a German seaplane had landed in the harbor of Izmir in Turkey. It has to be concluded that the aircraft in the radio message was the Q8+AB and that the pilot, born in Laibach in Croatia, had fled. This is also reported in Rettung Zwischen Den Fronten by Karl Born.
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