Werk Nr. 82 (Aviolanda) / 0009 (RLM)
Type N-1
Events November 1940 delivered as KK+UN to Seenotstaffel 4 of Seenotkommando 1 at Brest
November 11th 1940 flown from Bad Zwischenahn to Schellingwoude.
December 11th 1940 made no less than 31 local flights from ? (unreadable). The first set of 8 started with  take-off at 10:49 and landing at 11:27 covering 170 km. Among the crew were pilot Todt and observer Obergefreiter Werner Drees. From then the pilot was exchanged for von Erlitz, also with oberserver Drees. The day continued with the next 5 started with take-off at 11:30 and landing at 11:53 covering 130 km. The 14th flight that day took off at 11:53 with landing at 11:59 covering 30 km. The last set of 17 flights started with a take-off at 14:05 and landing at 15:14 covering 308 km.
December 16th 1940 made transferflight from ? (unreadable) to List with take-off at 10:45 and landing at 14:06 covering 1030 km. Pilot was von Erlitz and observer Drees. That same dat returned back to ? with take-off at 15:01 and landing at 16:05 covering 300 km.
January 5th 1941 during the ferryflight to Brest crashed near Caen.
April 25th 1945 reported as unservicable with Seenotgruppe 80 on List auf Sylt. (from Rettung Zwischen den Fronten)
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