Werk Nr. 83 (Aviolanda) / 0010 (RLM)
Type N-1
Events November 1940 made her first testflights.
Delivered to Seenotstaffel 1 at Brest as KK+UO.
December 30th 1940 made a transportflight from ? (unreadable) to Borkum with take-off at 15:55 and landing at 16:10, covering 70 km. That same day flew on from Borkum to Kiel transporting heavyli wounded. Take-off was at 16:40 and landing at 17:55, covering 300 km. The second flights was done during dark with wavestrengths 2-3 on landing. Pilot was Fahrenholz and observer Obergrefreiter Werner Drees.
December 31st 1940 transported heavyly wounded from Kiel to ? (unreadable) with take-off at 10:25 and landing at 11:55, covering 400 km. Crew same as above.
March 14th 1941 when being towed into the harbor of Brest sunk due to the high waves. Appently the aircraft was salvaged because the history continues.
Transferred to Seenotstaffel 7.
July 16th 1941 arrived at Athens on 13:05, coming from Rome-Ostia. Flying was Feldwebel Helmut Steckel.
July 24th 1941 flew from Phaleron (take-off 18:00) to Sudabucht.
July 27th 1941 flew from Sudabucht to Athens.
July 28th 1941 flew from Athens (take-off 17:15) to Bombabucht (landing 20:20) with Feldwebel Herman Steckel as pilot.
July 31st 1941 made a rescue mission from the Sudabucht with take-off at 05:20 ands landing at the Sudabucht at 10:10. Same day a second rescue mission with take-off at 14:35 and landing at 18:45. Both missions flown by Feldwebel Herman Steckel and among the crew Bordmechaniker Willi Gustav.
August 10th 1941 flew a rescue mission from the Bombabucht with pilot Feldwebel Herman Steckel and among the crew Bordmechaniker Willi Gustav. Landing was in square 6388 to rescue the crew from a Heinkel He-111 bomber. Landing back at the Bombabucht at 18:33.
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