Werk Nr. 93 (Aviolanda) / 0020 (RLM)
Type T-1
Events September 20th 1941 delivered to the Seenotgruppe 8 as KK+UY, landing at Mamaia at 15:40.
October 6th sent out, togethet with the KK+UV, on a rescue mission to search for the crews of the downed Arado Ar-196 CF+KK and CK+FJ. They return to base having only seen some wreckage, but no survivors.
October 8th 1941 during a mission the aircraft is attacked by Sovier planes, but the aircraft comes back to base.
October 16th 1941 a Do-24 of Seenotstaffel 8 searches for survivors of a downed Soviet SB-2 bomber but comes back empty handed. This must have been the KK+UY or the KK+UV.
October 19th 1941 a Do-24 of Seenotstaffel 8 pickes up part of the crew of the Damaged Heinkel He-59 SD+EE and bring them back to base. Again this must have been the KK+UY or the KK+UV.
November 11th 1941 ordered to fly back to Germany to change it's engines, which were worn out after seven weeks almost non-stop flying. The flight is however considered too risky and the engines have to be replaced on the spot. The engines were probably the ones intended for the KK+UV.
December 5th 1941 still at Constanta being repaired.
December 11th 1941 the aircraft is finished and is flown to Varna
December 24th 1941 the aircraft has troubles with it's engines and is unable to fly.
December 29/30 1941 during the night caught by a sudden and violent storm and sunk when anchored to and with a boey in Varna.
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