Werk Nr. 99 (Aviolanda) / 0026 (RLM)
Type T-2
Events 1941 delivered to the Seenotstaffel 5 at Stavanger as CH+ER.
June 7th 1942 entered service with Seenotstaffel 10 in Norway as SH+ER.
August 11th 1943 when registred as 5W+ER went crashed off the coast of Cape Makkaur when on a mission from Kirkenes. All the crewmembers were killed: Feldwebel H. Knichel, Feldwebel S. Schnellhase, Leutnant U. Spranz, Unteroffizier F. Holbauer, Unteroffizier H. Lippegaus and Obergefreiter H. Willems.
(thanks to Iosif Clorman for the info on the crash)
no pictures available