Werk Nr. ????
Type T
Events Early June 1944 Transferred from Seenotstaffel 8 to Seenotstaffel 7, Information coming from Die 7 Seenotstaffel.
June 11th 1944 made a flight from Athens-Phaleron to Skaramanga, pilot was Ludwig Gosepath.
June 12th 1944 made the returnflight from Skaramanga to Athens-Phaleron with the same crew.
September 6th 1944 made a transportflight from Athens to Suda with among the crew Oberfeldwebel Sommer and Völske.
September 7th 1944 the aircraft returned to Athens with 14 soldiers and 750 kg mail.
September 8th 1944 took off from Athens at 17:45 with crew Sommer, Steinbock, Klammt, Lachenmeyer, Kiessling and Münch for a transferflight to Rhodos. The flight was cancelled along the way due to incoming darkness, landing back at Athens at 21:25.
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