Werk Nr. ????
Type T
Events Delivered or transferred to the Seenotstaffel 7, although the prefix Q8 was that of Seenotstaffel 6. Information coming from Die 7 Seenotstaffel.
June 9th 1944 took of from Varna at 05:50 hours for a transferflight to Athens-Phaleron, arriving at 09:20 hours. The crew were pilot Oberfeldwebel Nohl, observer Feldwebel Steinbock, radio-operator Unteroffizier Pott, mechanics Krüger and Andreas and gunner Ehlers.
June 12th 1944 took off from Athens at 04:50 hours for a transportflight to the Suda Bight, arriving at 06:05 hours. The aircraft remained here for the time being.
June 18th 1944 made a 27 minute long testflight.
June 26th 1944 made a 25 minute long testflight.
July 3rd 1944 took off at 04:55 from the Suda Bight for a transport flight to Athens-Phaleron, arriving at 06:15. Pilot was Oberfeldwebel Nohl.
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