Werk Nr. ?
Type T
Events In service with Seenotstaffel 2.
June 6th 1944 made a rescue flight from Kiel-Holtenau searching in quadrant 0545 and 0546 without result. Among the crew were pilot Werder and mechanic GŁnter Kliesch.Take off was at 10:22 and landing at 11:50 after 352 km flying.
June 28th 1944 made a local testflight from Kiel with take-off at 16:30 and landing at 17:30. Among the crew pilot Feldwebel Werthmann and mechanic Willi Busche.
July 8th 1944 made a transferflight from Kiel to Pillau with take-off at 08:45 and landing in Pillau at 11:45. Among the crew pilot Bohrenfeld and mechanic Willi Busche.
July 18th 1944 made a rescueflight from Kiel with among the crew pilot Hildebrandt and mechanic Willi Busche. Take-off was at 13:05 and landing at 16:40. The search was for a B29 (?), the crew was found, unfortunately they were dead.
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