Formed ????
Disbanded 1942
Notes Pilots: H.V.B. Burgerhout (unit commander), J.L. den Hollander, F.W.J. Surink & J. Poppe.
The unit also used the Consolidated PBY5 Catalina (Y-65, Y-66, Y-67, Y-71).
X-27 lost at Davao on December 23rd 1941.
X-26 lost during a Japanese attack on Tondano on December 26th 1941.
The group is then re-equipped with the Catalina's.

7 December 1941 stationed at Ternate on north-east Celebes.
22 December 1941 stationed at Talisei on north-east Celebes.

Known Do-24's that served with this unit 696
A map of the Dutch East Indies showing bases used by the Do-24.