Werk Nr. 114 (Aviolanda) / 0041 (RLM)
Type T-2
Events March 30th 1942 entered service with Seenotdienst CM+IG.
April 7th 1942 transferred to Seenotdienst 8 at Constanta.
April 14th the aircraft flies its first mission over the Black Sea, searching for the crew of a Junkers Ju-88 of Wekusta 76 which went missing over the sea. There was nothing found.
May 6th 1942 the crew rescued four crewmembers of a Heinkel He-111 of 6/KG 26 (most likely He-111H-6 Werk Nr. 4946, lost the previous day). One heavily wounded crewmember had to be evacuated by plane to a hospital in Bucharest.
May 12th 1942 a Do-24 of Seenotstaffel 8 (CM+IG, CM+IC or KK+VC) made a transportflight to Ak-Metschet.
June 1st 1942 stationed at Constanta.
July 9th 1942 the aircraft flies on two engines from Ak-Metschet to Mamaia. The plane reaches the Romanian coast around 22:35 in the dark. The pilot, Unteroffizier Lutz Gosepath, tries to avoid a small ship on the Siutghiol lake and runs out of water during the landing. The plane hits the beach and is destroyed for 70%. Six of the seven crewmembers are wounded, the seventh is unhurt. Destruction of such a plane is a court martial case, but Hauptmann Gude, staffelkapitan of Seenotstaffel 8, understands that the young pilot is not entirely guilty and Gosepath is not arrested, but only prohibited to fly the Do-24 again, only flying on the older Heinkl He-59 from then on.
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