Werk Nr. 97 (Aviolanda) / 0024 (RLM)
Type T-1
Events 1941 delivered to the Seenotdienst (probably Seenotstaffel 7) as KK+VC, being the last Do-24T-1.
November 1941 in service with Seenotstaffel 7.
November 7th 1941 Leutnant Wilhelm Arndt made a familiarisation flight lasting 40 minutes with take-off and landing at Athens-Phaleron. Among the crew was Bordmechaniker Willi Gustav.
November 8th 1941 made a transportflight from Athens to Leros with take-off at 09:55 and landing at 12:55. Returnflight started at 16:17 with landing at 17:38. Pilot was Leutnant Wilhelm Arndt and among the crew Bordmechaniker Willi Gustav.
November 9th 1941 transferred to Seenotstaffel 8. Take-off at Athens at 10:28 with landing in Constaza at 14:35. Pilot was Leutnant Arndt and among the crew Bordmechaniker Willi Gustav. The aircraft was on loan to Seenotstaffel 8 who just lost the KK+UV.
November 11th - 19th 1941 Leutnant Arndt flew reconnaissance and rescue missions with Seenotstaffel 8 in the KK+VC, although he still was enlisted with Seenotstaffel 7. The aircraft remained with Seenotstaffel 8 and did not return to Athens as planned.
December 5th 1941 stationed at Varna.
December 12th 1941 called out for a rescue mission, the aircraft was supposed to take-off at 13:00, but heavy waves prevented the men to reach the anchored aircraft in their dinghy. They had to wait for the Bulgarian navy to bring them to the aircraft in a small boat. Finally at 14:27 the aircraft takes off and fliesin the direction of the Crimea to within 70 km of Sevastopol, but finds nothing.
December 13th 1941 the aircraft is again requested for a rescue mission, but mechanical problems prevent a take-off.
March 1942 finally fully repaired and ready for service again.
April 2nd 1942 takes off for the first time for a reconnaissance mission over the Black Sea.
May 12th 1942 a Do-24 of Seenotstaffel 8 (CM+IG, CM+IC or KK+VC) made a transportflight to Ak-Metschet.
June 1st 1942 stationed at Constanta.
July 23rd 1943 transferred to Seenostaffel 5 at Trontheim.
April 25th 1945 in service with Seenotgruppe 81 on Bug auf Rügen, unservicable (data coming from Rettung Zwischen den Fronten). The same source mentiones the following as well about this aircraft: this Do-24 had been used in the so called "Aktion 24". During this operation, beginning April 1945, four Do-24 had been ordered to the "Erprobungsstelle der Luftwaffe in Rechlin" in which they were prepared for "Kamikaze" operation against four railway-bridge over the river Weichsel in Thorn, Warschau, Deblin and Dunjawec (east of Krakow) to stop the supply line of the Sowjets. The Do-24 had been chosen to do this job, because the flyingboat was able to carry such a big aoumt of explosives. Each Do-24 should had been flown by it normal pilot to a point not far away from its target. At this point the normal pilots are supposed to leave the flying boat in a small rubber dingy trying to reach the bank of the "Weichsel". There the SO-Pilots (Selbstopfer) pilots should steer the Do24 directly against of the bridge piers. The following explosion of the 
"explosive Do24-Kamikaze" should finally collapse the brigde. But before the so called "Aktion 24" could start, an air raid of the B-24 on the area ot the airfields of Rechlin and it surroundings, destroyed three of the four "Sprengstoff Do-24´s". Unfortunately this action also caused one 
cassualtie. Feldwebel Heinz-Ottokar Hildebrandt tried to roll his Do-24 (RLM-Werk No.24) to a secret part on the Müritz-See near Roebel, when his fully prepared Do-24 had been hit by Mustangs of 354.Fighter Squadron. They discovered Hildebrands Do-24 on the water and after few moments the flying boad gone upin flames. In this action the former Sea-Air-rescue pilot died. 
The flying boat did not detonate, but finally started to sink near Roebel. At the beginning of the 90´s parts of this Do24 were hoisted. His three remaining comrades finally reached with surviving Do-24, without any instruments the air base of Bug in Rügen, home of the Seenotgruppe 81. (thanks to Ralf Beyer for this info)
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