Werk Nr. 159 (Aviolanda) / 0087 (RLM)
Type T-3
Events January 29th 1943 entered service with Seenotstaffel 7 as DJ+ZM.
February 22nd 1943 transferred from Athens to Sebastopol, this day only flying as far as Varna. Pilot Staffelkapitan Hauptmann Tretter and among the crew observer Feldwebel Ignatz Krumbach and mechanic Unteroffizier Lachenmeyer. Take-off at 11:05 from Athens, arriving at Varna at 15:54.
February 24th 1943 completed the transfer with a flight from Varna to Sebastopol with the same crew as above. Take-off at 09:10, landing at 11:35. On arrival Hauptmann Tretter takes over command of Seenotstaffel 1.
The Do-24's of Seenotstaffel 7 were ordered to make transportflights to the enclosed German soldiers on the Kuban front, they could only be reached by the sea.
May 15th 1943, lasting until May 21st several testflights were made from Athens with pilot Hauptmann Tretter. All in all nine take-offs and landings (these include those of the CM+IX, which he also tested those days).
September 10th 1943 made a rescue mission in Quadrant 0962 searching for a reported dinghy. Crew were Becker, Losch, Steinbock, Lind, Rausch and Bohnke. The dinghy was found and with a wavestrength of 0-1 one crewmember of a crashed Junkers Ju-87 is picked up and brought back. The whole operation took 2 hours and 22 minutes.
December 23rd 1943 involved in the evacuation of wounded of the island Kythera. After landing in the Kapsali bight during the roll-out the aircraft collides with a house that is build on the beach and got damaged. Pilot Oberfeldwebel Walter Steinig, radio-operator Feldwebel Guenter Kommnik and mechanic Unteroffizier Alfred Westerkowsky were wounded. Observer Oberfeldwebel Richard Marquandt, mechanic Gunther Kunde and gunner Obergefreiter Gerhard Gryzwotz are killed. It is not known if this was the end of this aircraft.