Werk Nr. 698 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events August 23rd 1939 flown from Germany to Papendrecht as D-AYWI, entering service as X-28.
December 8th 1941 stationed at Morokrembangan.
December 28th 1941 transferred to Tajan to releave GVT 1.
January 26th 1942 made a reconnaissanse mission in the Straight of Makassar to follow a Japanese transportfleet. Between Api and Kuching shot upon by flak from the ships and damaged.
January 28th 1942 destroyed the supplies and installations at Pontianak together with the X-29 and X-30. After this missions the three planes flew from Tajan to Morokrembangan.
January 30th 1942 arrived at Morokrembangan.
February 19th 1942 during a reconnaissanse mission over the Java Sea discovered survivors of the Dutch ships Sloet van de Beele and van Nes.
March 1st 1942 transferred to the Lengkong Lake.
March 2nd 1942 left for Australia.
March 3rd 1942 arrived at Broome in Australia and shortly therafter was strafed and destroyed by attacking Japanese aircraft.
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