Werk Nr. 70 (Aviolanda)
Type K-1
Events July 14th 1939 the wing was delivered by De Schelde to Aviolanda.
November 8th 1939 made her first flight
November 20th 1939 put in service as X-33.
December 2nd 1939 shipped to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Kota Agoeng.
December 7th 1941 stationed at Tarakan.
December 17th 1941 made an attack on three Japanese warships norsteast of Miri together with the X-32 and X-34. Four bombs were dropped and misses a cargoship.
December 18th 1941 took of together with the X-32 with destination Miri. One of the planes hit a Japanese cruiser which caught fire.
December 26th 1941 damaged during an air combat and directly flown to Morokembangan for repairs.
January 15th 1942 transferred to Makassar.
January 30th 1941 transferred to a base at the Savoe Sea. During the landing at Dilly sprung a leak and returned to Morokrembangan for repairs.
February 5th 1942 destroyed during an airraid on Morokrembangan.
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