Werk Nr. 69 (Aviolanda)
Type K-1
Events May 30th 1939 wing (build by De Schelde) delivered to Aviolanda.
September 18th & 19th 1939 made her first test flights.
September 28th 1939 put into service as X-32 after some structural improvements to the tail section.
November 14th 1939 shipped to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Kota Baroe.
December 7th 1941 stationed at Tarakan.
December 17th 1941 just after midnight took of from Tarakan to the coastal waters northwest of Borneo, about 30 km from Miri a formation Japanese warships were spotted. Five 200 kg bombs were dropped on the torpedoship Shinome. Two bombs hit the ship and one was a near-miss. The ship slowed down and heeled, shortly thereafter a fire broke out on board. After returning to Tarakan the X-32 was readied for another mission.
December 18th 1941 took of from Tarakan together with the X-33 to again attack the ships near Miri. At a height of 5000 meter the bombs were dropped, hitting a cruiser.
December 24th 1941 severely damaged during an air combat. The damage had to be repaired at Morokembangan.
December 31st 1941 picked up 48 drowning people from the bombed American ship Ruth Alexander near Mangkaliat and brought them to Tarakan.
January 3rd 1942 releaved by GVT 3 and transferred to Morokremgangan.
January 9th 1942 made a rescue flight and picked up a number of crew from the ship Camphuys.
January 20th 1942 transferred from Balikpapan to Makassar together with GVT 4.
January 24th 1942 transferred from Balikpapan to Morokrembangan together with GVT 4.
February 7th 1942 destroyed during an attack by Japanese fighters when the plane was being repaired at the island Roti. The crew were shipped to Koepang and from there flown to Soerabaja with GVT 6 (the X-7 and X-28).
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