Werk Nr. 72 (Aviolanda)
Type K-1
Events October 4th 1939 wind delivered by De Schelde to Aviolanda.
December 29th 1939 ready for the first flight.
January 2nd 1940 entered service as X-35.
January 1940 shipped to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Kota Agoeng.
November 29th 1941 stationed at Kalabahi.
December 3rd 1941 transferred to Soerabaja/Sambo.
December 12th 1941 transferred to Pontianak to releave GVT 4.
December 14th 1941 got caught in a fight with three Japanese fighters, one of these fighters was shot down.
December 19th 1941 damaged during an aerial battle near the Natoena Islands and flown to Pontianak for repairs.
December 23rd 1941 discovered a Japanese transport during a reconnaissance mission in the early morning north of Kuching. Made a second flight and at 13:45 hours made contact with the submarine K-XIV to relay the position of the ships. That same day made a third flight to the convoy and saw two planes being catapultstarted from the ships. The X-35 lured these two aircraft away so they wouldn't notice the submarine leaving the area. During this battle the X-35 was holes in the fueltanks and the hull. After arriving back at Sambas the plane could just be pulled onto the beach otherwise it would have sunk. The holes were provisionaly repaired.
December 24th 1941 the plane flew to Morokrembangen for further repairs.
December 27th 1941 the repairs were completed and the plane was flown via Sambas to Tajan.
December 30th 1941 made a reconnaissance flight to look for the X-15 that went missing on December 29th 1941. Nothing was found.
January 2nd 1942 releaved by GVT 6 and transferred to Morokrembangan.
January 3rd 1942 transferred to Makassar with the X-1, X-20 and X-24.
January 30th 1942 transferred to a base at the Savoe Sea.
February 7th 1942 during a Japanese air attack at Roti destroyed.

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