Werk Nr. 775 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events 1938 entered service as X-15.
June 3rd 1939 severely damaged during a nightlanding at Ternate.
November 29th 1941 in service with GVT 1 at Kalabahi. Made reconnaissance flights in the east part of the archipelos.
December 3rd 1941 transferred to Morokembangan for a 200 hour inspection, was releaved by GVT 17.
December 12th 1941 transferred to Pontianak releaving GVT 4.
December 14th 1941 got caught in an air combat with three Japanese fighters, shooting down one of these fighters.
December 29th 1941 did not return from a mission near Midway. Was searched by the X-35 and X-36 but nothing was found. The crew was killed.
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