Werk Nr. 776 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events 1938 entered service as X-16.
September 1939 transferred to GVT 4.
December 2nd 1941 transferred to GVT 8 at Poeloe Samboe.
December 10th 1941 transferred to Morokrambangan for a 400 hour inspection and releaved by GVT 3.
December 23rd 1941 finished the inspection as Morokrembangan.
January 25th 1942 transferred to Tandjong Priok.
January 28th 1942 transferred from Morokrambangan to Tajan.
February 9th 1942 transferred to the Toba Lake to releave the X-17.
February 20th 1942 rescued 2 officers and 35 man from the ship van Nes and 37 men and 1 nurse from the ship Sloet van Beele and brought them to Morokrembangan.
February 23rd 1942 returned to Morokrembangan for a 200 hour inspection.
March 1st 1942 destroyed at Tandjong Priok.
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