Werk Nr. 777 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events December 1938 entered service as X-17 and that month shipped to the Dutch East Indies on board of the Tapanoeli.
September 1939 in service with GVT 4.
January 1940 transferred to Morokembangan for a 400 hour inspection.
December 2nd 1941 transferred to GVT 8 and stationed at Poeloe Samboe.
December 7th 1941 discovered a Japanese troopship with the warflag flying high (before the Japanese attack on Pearl Habor).
December 10th 1941 went to Morokembangan for a 400 hour inspection and releaved by GVT 3.
December 23rd 1941 the 400 hour inspection was finished.
January 6th 1942 stationed at Blinjoe (Banka) for reconnaissance missions.
January 25th 1942 transferred to the Toba Lake.
February 1st-3rd 1942 saved 93 of the 113 survivors of the Dutch ship Overstraten.
February 9th 1942 was releaved by the X-16 and sent back to Morokembangan.
February 24th 1942 attacked five Japanese ships at the island Muntok, returned to base but was shot down by Japanese fighters at the island Noordwachter. The fate of the crew is not known. The wreck was fotographed by the passing Dutch Catalina Y-64.
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