Werk Nr. 773 (Dornier)
Type K-1
Events September 1st 1938 flown from Germany to The Netherlands as D-AYWI, entering service as X-13. When arriving at Papendrecht a 20 mm Hispano Suiza cannon was installed.
September 17th 1938 the plane was flown from Papendrecht to De Mok.
September 19th 1938 tests were done dropping 50kg and 200 kg bombs.
September 20th 1938 tests were done using the 20 mm Hispano Suiza cannon with excelent results.
September 22nd 1938 flown back to Papendrecht.
1938 shipped to the Dutch East Indies.
February 1941 entered service with GVT 4 to guard the South Chinese Sea.
December 2nd 1941 transferred to Sambas.
December 7th 1941 had a peaceful encounter with a Japanese flying boat.
December 12th 1941 flown to Morokembagan for maintenance.
January 2nd 1942 transferred to Tarakan.
January 9th 1942 made a night attack on the airfield of Jolo with twelve 50 kg bombs. During the returnflight the plane was attacked by Japanese fighters, but managed to escape. Arriving at Tarakan the crew was ordered to fly on to Balikpapan as the rest of the unit had already left for that base.
January 10th 1942 made a reconnaissance flight around the Noord and spotted an invasion fleet. Got caught in a long dogfight, but escaped.
January 11th 1942 transferred to Balikpapan because Tarakan was bombed.
January 18th 1942 flown to Morokembagan for repairs to a hole in the right stubwing.
January 20th 1941 entered service with GVT 7 based at Makassar.
January 30th 1941 transferred from Makassar to a base near the Savoe Sea.
February 7th 1942 left for Roti with the X-32 and X-33. The plane was destroyed by a Japanese bombardement during a repair on one of the other boats on the island Roti.
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